Lighting Control

Sun Mountain Labs offers an exterior lighting control system. This system nails the essential features you need and skips the expensive features you don't need. 

The Features you Use


Zone Lights : Group Level Control

Group your lights into zones.

Control & schedule lighting zones.

Easily reconfigure zones anytime.


Dim Lights: Control from Anywhere

Control levels of individual lights.

Control levels of lighting zones.

Real-time control on- & off-premises.


Schedule Lights: Dynamic Schedules

Schedule lighting levels for zones.

Schedule day of week & time of day.

Easily reschedule anytime.

The System



A small, Ethernet-connected network device.

Coordiantes and maintains lighting schedules & zones.

Provides connectivity to the mobile app.

Internet-connected to provide off-premises control..


Lighting Controller

A twist-lock photocontrol device.

Wirelessly connects to the Cortet mesh network.

Provides 0-10V dimming in an ANSI 136.41 package.

Equipped with a Dusk-to-Dawn backup mode.


Mobile App

An Android and iOS mobile application.

Configure (and reconfigure) lighting zones.

Schedule (and reschedule) lighting levels.

Control lighting levels in real-time on- & off-premises..